• Our company practices IPM, Integrated Pest Management. This philosophy stresses the prevention of pest problems and the safe and responsible use of pesticides when deemed necessary by a PA licensed pesticide applicator.

  • We are a full-service landscape company, offering commercial, residential and municipal design, installation and maintenance including tree and shrub shearing, pruning, flower and shrub bed maintenance, full estate maintenance, mulching and fertilizing.

  • We can install hardscape: walls, walks, patios, drives including omnistone, versalok, cement and natural stone.


  • We offer excavation, power washing of decks, drives, walks and patios, and also driveway maintenance including pothole patching, drains, limestone, gravel millings, etc.

  • We can run an evaluation for a lime application on your lawn area, or run a soil sample test, if needed.

  • We are fully insured and committed to using local resources, including employees, whenever possible.